Nexans brings energy to life

Connecting the world with speed

We are ready to meet the challenges and succeed in the energy and data transition

Nexans links people, ideas and the future by connecting society to industry to materials, and we do so with integrity.

  • Our expertise: cable maker

    By producing cables developed through 120 years of constant innovation, we are the material link at the heart of the industry.

  • Our mission: beyond cables

    Our systems deliver energy and data, building the essential link that transports information and power to everyone, everywhere.

  • Our purpose: life link

    Our purpose is to support development and social contact through essential links. Without Nexans, there can be no communities, exchanges, communications, energy or modern life.

Each of the 7 key megatrends presents a unique set of global challenges

Share of renewables in energy production in 2030
(vs. 13% in 2015)
Energy revolution

Diversification of energy sources, evolving regulations and public policies, transforming energy networks and storage solutions (smart grids) and decreasing energy production costs.

More digital data exchanged every 2 years
Digital & data

Skyrocketing data volumes and the growing need for data transmission capacities, the need to leverage data to improve customer experience and business performance, innovation outpacing existing skill sets and growing digital divide.

billion international tourist arrivals by 2030
(up from 940 million in 2010)
Global mobility

The rising demand for transportation and the growing popularity of e-mobility, increasing congestion and pollution, new mobility concepts, e.g. car-sharing, car-pooling, etc., and new transportation infrastructure.

Share of solutions in industrial revenues by 2030
Low cost & premium polarization

Increasing price pressure and the acceleration of commoditization, growing margins in premium markets and the rapid development of new, emerging markets.

GDP share of emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries in 2030
(vs. 18% in 2012)
Changing balance of economic power

Increased competition in niche market, access to rapidly developing emerging markets and the need to reinforce competitiveness through innovation in mature markets.

Annual growth of smart grids
Smart devices & infrastructures

The rapid proliferation of smart solutions for buildings, cities, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation, the global growth of the number of mobile and connected devices, and the growing need for hybrid energy and data cables.

Global population living in cities by 2030
(vs. 50% today)
Urbanization & densification

Development of urban infrastructure, aging energy infrastructure, power grids and data networks overwhelmed by demand and the increased pressure for lower cost solutions.

“By providing critical links that underpin social life and economic development in a rapidly changing world, we are actively shaping tomorrow’s society.”
Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge
We bring energy and information to life

To meet these challenges, we designed a strategic plan based on 3 key strategic axes:

  • Continue to improve performance through cost competitiveness

    In mature businesses, focus on efficiency and lean efforts to drive competitiveness, from production to support areas.

  • Build on core strengths in our existing portfolio in promising markets and regions

    Focus investments on selected areas with high returns and promising business prospects, driving Nexans profitability and total return to shareholders.

  • Accelerate growth by developing new offers linked to the critical megatrends

    Develop new offers in the solution space, as well as in emerging areas linked to identified and prioritized megatrends (energy transition, data transmission and global mobility).

Anticipating customer needs, we are preparing today to meet future customer challenges in four key sectors:

High Voltage & Projects

Continuing to grow in the subsea cabling business while improving high-voltage land cabling competitiveness, helping customers find the most efficient and reliable cable solution.

Building & Territories

Providing new smart solutions for buildings, cities and regions to become more sustainable in e-mobility and energy transition.

Industry & Solutions

Partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop customized cabling and connectivity solutions for power, data transmission and automation needs.

Telecom & Data

Supporting customers in selecting the right optical fiber infrastructure, including submarine backbones, and providing 'plug-and-play' cable and connectivity solutions, with a specific offer for hyperscale data centers.

Corporate social responsibility, integrity and accountability are integral to our business strategy. People are at the heart of what we do.

Read more about our CSR commitments

Our expected results for 2022

More revenues from current scope of activities
€600 M
Increase of operating margin before depreciation (EBITDA)
Return on capital employed (ROCE)
Drivers to achieve 
our ambitions

Leveraging our capacities

  • Cost competitiveness

    Improve our operational performance and reduce our costs through aimed initiatives on raw material costs and consumption, redesign to cost analysis,….

  • Operational efficiency

    Increase our productivity by upgrading our assets, focusing on operational reliability, lean manufacturing, optimized processes in manufacturing facilities.

  • Agile innovation

    Further invest in innovation. R&D will be focused on optimizing core existing products for existing customers, producing adjacent innovation to explore new businesses and contributing to transformational activities.

  • Sales excellence

    Boost sales force through training, an increased customer focus and a dedicated Key Account Management program.
    Develop a new differentiated “beyond the cable” offering with a new portfolio of services and solutions coupled with a new pricing management strategy.

  • Digital transformation

    Build on automation and data and analytics platforms to streamline operations, develop new competencies, improve customer experiences and refine our understanding of evolving client needs.

  • Organization and people

    Acquire new skills and capabilities in some priority functions, including sales, customer service as well as product design and development.

Nexans links people, ideas and the future by connecting society to industry to materials, and we do so with integrity through our 4 sustainability commitments

  • People
    Bring individual and collective performance to our business

    We ensure health and safety on sites, build people who build business and empower employees on corporate social responsibility.

  • Planet
    Manage environmental impacts

    We maintain a high level of environmental management, develop production energy-efficiency and reduce our impact on the climate.

  • Products
    Manage in a competitive and innovative sustainable business mode

    We engage with customers to contribute to a more sustainable economy, guarantee an innovative collaboration with stakeholders and increase resource-efficiency.

  • Partners
    Embedding leadership based on values and ethics

    We sustain a compliant framework and fair business practices, maintain a sustainable stakeholder relationship and help underprivileged communities access energy through the Nexans Foundation.

Our successes around the world

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